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Philippine Blog

My blog about life in the Philippines. It is a supplement to my YouTube channel. The blog has extended text and many photos taken since I have arrived September 6th 2012. Photos cover such subjects as the people, food, businesses, jeepneys, plants, markets, small towns, Manila, my neighborhood and new family.


I cover serious topics such as immigration to Myra and I clowning around.The videos cover a variety of topics fun, hobbies, people, local business, a lot of my Filipina wife, Myra. Also homes,plants markets and etc. I have over three hundred videos. There are too many topics covered to discribe all the subject matter covered in this article. The videos are a video scrapbook of memories for me and to show my daughter and sister what life is like in the Philippines. It has, however, become of great interest for almost a thousand viewers with future thoughts of retiring here or with family here.

Notice the channel name madhatterstamps its origin was a crafting channel in the USA. We also have videos making marbled paper in the Philippines.

Philippine Marbled Paper

We make marbled paper. It started as a play thing and has turned into a business. When you visit you will understand the origin, how and why of Philippine marbled paper. The marbled paper has expanded. Now we also make a variety of speciality papers and enhanced marbled paper

PDF Paper Packs

The original papers are beautiful. The scans are just as beautiful. PDF Paper Packs is marketing door for downloading printable 8.5"x11" marbled and speciality papers. PDF Paper Packs provides custom labeling for the craft industries stores or serious hobbiest.

Freehand Jack

My playland I show off some of my graphics and experiment with ideas and blog plugins. This are has a lot of graphics made with Photoshop.

Philippine Blog Design

I make websites and set up blogs commercially. This is my Blog and Website portal. Providing resources and information about your web presence.

Myra Reyes

Myra Reyes is a Filipina artist. She has developed a beautiful and unique marbling style. Myra also paints and is developing specialty papers. Myra makes video cards on youtube. Check out her site and videos. MyraReyes.com is another of my website projects.

Vintage Collage

Vintage Collage is open but still under development. It is a payment gateway for any payment received from the USA. It is also an online store with a slowly increasing product line.

ATC Madness

ATCs or Artist Trading Cards are fun to make and fun to trade. Sadly the price of postage here prevents a heavy trade as I had in the USA. Still I enjoy posting pictures of cards sent to me via email.